July, 2016

From a design perspective, the bathroom is one of the most challenging areas of a home to perfect. The ideal bathroom is both personal, yet practical; homely, yet clean; bright, yet secluded. Wilben prides itself on creating spaces that not only meet these criteria, but include an extra dimension of subtle style. The result: an area which offers a seamless blend of comfort, space and privacy.

Big and small bathrooms at Chester Square

Wilben has mastered the art of creating the perfect bathroom space in a range of property types. When Wilben was asked to renovate an eight bedroom townhouse in Belgravia’s famous Chester Square, we created a number of interesting bathroom spaces. One of the most pleasing was the master ensuite which benefits from marble walls and flooring to aptly complement the grandeur of the oak flooring and fabric wallpaper in the master bedroom. We also incorporated his-and-her wash basins into the bathrooms to add a personal touch and reflect the fact this bathroom may become an en-suite for a couple.

However, just as no two Wilben properties are the same, every Wilben is unique – even within the same property. For example, we created a more compact type of bathroom on the lower ground floor of Chester Square – featuring simply a single basin, double shower unit and wash closet.

Nevertheless, quality of the fixtures and fittings unite all the bathrooms at Chester Square. Marble is a prominent part of every bathroom in the townhouse: durable yet beautiful, it is the ideal foundation for such an exquisite and established property. Wilben has also displayed an intense attention-to-detail by gifting all the bathrooms in the house with the highest quality sanitaryware from eminent brands Samuel James and Lefroy Brooks.

Bathroom blog photo - Chester Square (1)
Bathroom blog photo - Chester Square (2)

Redcliffe Square – compact craftsmanship

Wilben is skilled at crafting luxury bathrooms for smaller properties. Recently we were tasked with renovating three two-bed apartments: one in Chelsea’s Redcliffe Square and two in Chesham Street in Knightsbridge. In all cases, only the highest quality fittings were used while artificial light was artfully manipulated to maximise a sense of space in what are otherwise fairly compact areas. Wilben has added unique touches to these bathrooms to make them characterful, as well as practical and stylish. In the Redcliffe Square apartment, we opted for a walk-in double shower instead of a conventional bath tub, in order to complement the youthful and urbane aesthetic of the rest of the apartment. Conversely, in the two properties on Chesham Street, marble bath units were employed to better reflect their established, more staid tone.

Wilben understands how important it is to create welcoming bathrooms which provide comfort, privacy and style for their users. We are committed to sourcing only the best materials and fittings for all their bathrooms, in order to remain at the cutting edge of design and can offer our clients the unstintingly outstanding service they rightly expect.


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