Elevated terraces

June, 2016

From an aerial perspective, Prime London is mostly a regimental expanse of black and grey rooftops. In some of the capital’s most prestigious postcodes, substantial open spaces – particularly private ones – are in short supply and high demand. However, Wilben has developed an innovative solution for its clients. Through the creative manipulation of space and some delicate design techniques, Wilben has been able to create some truly stunning elevated gardens and terraces, helping to break up the monotony of London’s landscape with some exquisite horticultural spaces.

Besides improving the capital’s aerial aesthetic, elevated terraces provide properties with space-efficient greenery, without the hassle of a garden. They also occasionally offer developers the chance to capitalise on the impressive views which certain London properties benefit from. Obtaining planning permission for such spaces can be such a complex and lengthy affair – local authorities are very strict about the creation of additional levels in a property that obscure neighbouring views – that many developers demur from the challenge. However, Wilben does not compromise on its core aim of unleashing the full potential of any property it renovates and, as such, prides itself on achieving planning consent, even in difficult circumstances.

Their current project in Belgravia’s Chester Square demonstrates this ability, with Wilben successfully achieving planning permission for a 12m2 roof terrace within a Grade-II listed building. Wilben then executed the design of the terrace beautifully, through the use of Portland stone flooring, exterior lighting and a feature skylight on part of the terrace floor.

WB CS_0126Chester Square

Kinnerton Street (also in Belgravia) is another example of where Wilben has utilised a combination of its design excellence and extensive knowledge of the planning system. The property has three roof terraces, providing a seamless combination between the interior and exterior, whilst extending the footprint and providing a contemporary and extraordinary property. This building also has a lowered garden incorporated into the plans, demonstrating Wilben’s ability to deftly create a variety of open spaces.

22 Kinnerton Proposed_04_RearKinnerton Street (artist’s impression)

Wilben continues to break new ground in this area and now considers not just how to create a terrace or garden at an elevated level, but even how to mitigate some of the typical problems that arise from such spaces, in order to create superior living environments for both relaxation and socialising. For example, where problems such as loss of privacy, noise and malodour from outdoor dining arise, Wilben can offer intelligent solutions through specific tailoring of the exterior architecture and design, in order to provide flawless properties in London’s most desirable locations.

22 Kinnerton Proposed_03_Section1Kinnerton Street (artist’s impression)

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