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July, 2016

Wilben’s distinctive reputation for style and elegance is in a large part due to the extremely high quality of fittings and material which we source. While other developers may be tempted to cut corners to save time or capital, we remain relentless in our acquisition of the very best products for our homes. Wilben’s rationale behind this approach is simple: to create the very best home, you need the very best resources. Our clients expect nothing less.

Marble masterpieces at Chester Square

One material we are particularly passionate about is marble. For example, our Chester Square property in Belgravia incorporates seven different types of marble – ranging from Spainish black Nero Marquina to the grey Bianco Statuario from Italy. Each type of marble was selected because it complemented the other features in the respective rooms: the Nero Marquina’s dark colour matched the deep brown shade of the stained oak panels in the lift, while the grey hue of Bianco Staturio marble naturally fitted with the chrome appliances in the two en-suite bathrooms.

Bathroom blog photo - Chester Square (2)Chester Square

Compact craftsmanship and fine furnishings: Egerton Gardens & Chesham Street

Wilben is not one to shy away from procuring the highest grade and most up-to-date fittings in all its properties. In our development at Egerton Gardens in South Kensington, the apartment includes a compact study area with an Apple Mini Mac and Samsung TV monitor, alongside doors operated by an electromagnetic switch. The area is designed to offer its user the maximum amount of functionality within a limited space.

In addition, Wilben only sources the best suppliers to create the fittings in its various homes. Miele kitchen appliances are used in many of the developer’s apartments – such as those on Chesham Street and in Egerton Gardens – while its larger developments boast stunning bespoke Hacker kitchen units.

Fittings and materials are the paint with which Wilben creates the property market’s equivalent of art. As a result, these both must be of the highest standard. Therefore, it should come as no surprise to those that know us that we are determined to source only the best products from the best suppliers so that we can go on creating spatial masterpieces that scale the heights of style and luxury.

Fittings and materials blog photo - Egerton GardensEgerton Gardens

Fittings and materials blog photo - Egerton Gardens (2)Egerton Gardens

15CS_Photography_Image_05Chesham Street

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