June, 2016

The once-humble kitchen has developed into the centre of life within a home. Such spaces are not only used as places to eat, but also as social and entertaining venues. The modern kitchen is now an indispensable and multi-faceted room: it is where we prepare food, eat together and catch up with friends and family. As a result, designers must craft kitchens which are aesthetically pleasing, well-planned and practical.

Wilben has been leading the way in the evolution of kitchen space by creating some superb culinary areas in both small and large homes. When Wilben undertook the renovation of a Grade II-listed Mews property in Belgravia’s Chester Square, its design team managed to create a kitchen area which incorporated three large windows that offer a view of the Mews, creating a natural atmosphere complemented by the wooden flooring and “earthy” colour schemes. Furthermore, Wilben included a breakfast bar for casual dining, emphasising the kitchen’s purpose as the centre of life within the house.

WB CS_0061Chester Square

At the other end of the size spectrum, Wilben has created a stunning contemporary kitchen in a two-bedroom apartment on Redcliffe Square in Earls Court. The designers have not attempted to overwhelm the relatively compact space with a variety of features, instead opting for a clean and simple design – with hanging lights deployed to maximise a sense of space. The area is another example of Wilben’s ability to create state-of-the-art kitchens which are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

CGP51135-AW-004_1Redcliffe Square

Wilben kitchens also use top-of-the-range-appliances, which are incorporated tastefully into their kitchens. At one of Wilben’s apartment developments in Egerton Gardens in South Kensington, designers have refurbished the culinary space with a Siematic kitchen, Miele appliances and contrasting marble worktops, in order to create a free flowing entertaining space that is both elegant and technologically superior.

Fittings and materials blog photo - Egerton Gardens (2)Egerton Gardens

Wilben creates truly exceptional culinary spaces, incorporating top-of-the-range appliances with beautifully elegant design, in order to create spaces that are practical and aesthetically pleasing. These cleverly crafted spaces can be used for everything from large scale entertaining, to family recreation to personal relaxation.

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