July, 2016

Wilben has developed an enviable reputation for using lighting creatively and intelligently within our properties. We take the view that, when it comes to interior renovation, creating a well-designed, exquisitely-furnished room is only half the battle: for this good work to be fully appreciated, subtle yet effective lighting is essential. A well-lit room is better able to display its character and more nuanced features.

Mixed lighting techniques at Egerton Gardens

Wilben’s renovation of a two-bedroom apartment in South Kensington’s Egerton Gardens is a fantastic example of how light and space can be combined to deliver bright and stylish living areas. We used spotlighting in the lounge, rather than more “heavy” light fixtures such as chandeliers, to complement the urbane décor. We also added small lights under the room’s wooden shelving in order to brighten up what could potentially have been a rather dark area and engender an even amount of light across the entire space.

In the kitchen-dining area Wilben took a different approach by incorporating lighting into the kitchen fixtures, thus lending the room a dynamic and holistic tone. A mid-sized rectangular chandelier directly above the dining table adds a subtle air of formality and style.

Lighting blog photo - Egerton Gardens (2)

Lighting blog photo - Egerton Gardens

Chester Square – luxury lighting at its finest

In the redesign of an eight-bedroom townhouse on Chester Square in Belgravia, we created a substantial and delicately decorated living space wherein a ring of spotlights surround a sizeable glass chandelier; this acts as the living room’s focal point. We also incorporated lighting features into the room’s bookshelves which serve to frame their contents nicely and add an ornate, almost classical, touch to the room.

The kitchen and dining rooms are the other areas of the property where Wilben’s flare for using decorative lighting becomes highly evident. We mirrored the large oval dining table with a chandelier of a similar size and shape to create an extremely impressive – and aesthetically pleasing – centrepiece in what is a substantially sized room. Equally, in the kitchen area Wilben deployed a set of hanging lights above the breakfast table. The fixture’s informal and unconventional design – essentially a series of round lights that hang vertically at different levels – reflects the more casual nature of this eating space compared to the dining room.

For us, home lighting is more than just a basic utility – it is a design tool. Wilben uses lighting fixtures to amplify space and convey a message about a particular room’s character. By combining some of its more traditional techniques, such as effective use of spotlighting, with new fixture designs and formations, Wilben hopes to continue to create spaces that will impress and please clients.

Lighting blog photo - Chester Square (1)

Lighting blog photo - Chester Square (2)

Lighting blog photo - Chester Square (3)

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